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Hello, thank you for your input in advance. I am seeking some advice on the following: (this is just a sample, have many more instances where I have not been the flavour of the month over the last 2 years, basically took the crap until I could gather the documentary evidence on the inner workings of the new management. The business is going through a major restructure (redundancies were offered but I was denied a voluntary redundancy-I was over the place) and has numerous new managers that have no technical skills in my particular industry.

I (Male age46)was asked by Support Management (business unit A) about a secondment to relieve for xxx around zzz 2011 but was denied by my Management (business unit B) based on the policy that there were no secondments. I believe this advice came from AAAA (vice pres male age45 employed 2 years), passed down through BBBB (business unit B manager male >50years employed >30years) and CCCC (business unit B supervisor male age40years employed >20years)(NAMES OMITTED). However, soon after I sought advice from my supervisor and learnt that DDDD (male age27 employed 3-4years)and EEEE (Female age 29 employed 3-4years) were on secondments. Supervisor said I was "special".

Around yyy 2012, I applied for another secondment – relieving for 6 weeks for xxx (male >60years employed>30 years) - again. My written application to business unit A was successful. However, it took AAAA 5.5 weeks into the 6-week relieving period, reluctantly, to provide an answer of some sought. Obviously, the slow response was provided too late to fulfil the role. I have sourced copies of the email exchange so I know what was and wasn't said. AAAA Vice pres even stated that he was "confused" about the process and he would not answer all the queries from my supervisor in his email. This was after asking the VP for a response several times without a reply over several weeks. Interesting to say the least? Especially for a man who earns >$300k/yr.

Employed 6 years permanent.
Company employees >5000
Value >$5Bil (deep pockets to defend any challenges)
Listed on the ASX.

By my reasoning/xysis of employees (say 50) with same/similar quals (apples for apples unless I have made a few errors)in my business division, median age 34, youngest 23, oldest 56. = Bias towards younger people. That is what the numbers tell me. Agree?

Never been on report or management plan and I feel I soon will be for raising this issue, amongst others. (but not without sourcing the incriminating emails-don't ask)

The new manager FFFF (10 months employed Male age46)requested a meeting with me but never mentioned that the meeting was about my concerns, said it was for other reasons. Basically he ambushed me. Additionally, my New Manager asked if I regretted sending my complaint to the Senior VP and said that it was risky.Didn't get any real answers to my concerns, been whitewashed I guess. I didn't tell the new manager about the emails. Anyhow the discussion will continue next week. HR want to speak to me too. My letter went down like a lead balloon to say the least. Maybe I shouldn't have offered a solution. Some people just cant handle the truth!

Prior to this a had a DR cert for 2 weeks - supervior said New Manager was asking around if it was genuine and if it could be confirmed. (have email for this one tooooo) Anyhow I went back to work a week early - intimidated could be a word I could use. You guessed right - I didn't get a DR clearance and management didn't ask - ooops, duty of care MIA?

Basically, I have been overlooked for advancement/pay rises where younger staff seem to be getting the advancement/pay rises. Yep, not a happy bloke, disgruntle employee I hear you say. I don't begrudge them getting ahead, but not when they stamp their feet or threaten to leave = you guess, advancement +$$.(I have the email correspondence, as before don't ask)The new management don't like communicating via emails for obvious reasons. They want more open communication via verbal interaction. Emails = bad as it provides insight into the inner workings of managements misdemeaners. The horse has bolted on this one.

As you can appreciate there is a lot more background info, however I hope that above will suffice. I am not in a union, as I work in an office environment, silly me at this point in time. However, there is a strong union presence within the work force and I wonder if they would be interested in using my info as a test case when the stuff hits the fan. Some info I have may be of interest to their members, especially when the company is offering redundancies. That is another story. I wonder if this is being read by the few in the know? I am over it. I dont have anything to lose except my freedom and life so I am happy to go with the scatter gun approach. If the company has broken the law in anyway, too bad. Me, too bad to. Any advice would be appreciated. Kind regards