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• I had a terrible accident at home 2 years ago and have not worked for 18 months now due to chronic pain • As it now appears unlikely that I will make an adequate recovery, I have started thinking about applying for TPD (Total Permanent Disability) insurance from my superfund • My case is complex and it’s hard to concentrate, so I found a company who are specialist administrators and disability advocates who can do all the paperwork and apply on my behalf (they are supposedly much cheaper than lawyers) • I had several phone calls with them and they seemed like a very ethical service • In their brochure, they openly state that they encourage people to lodge their claims by themselves, but if they feel overwhelmed at any point, that they will step in to correct any mistakes and take over • I decided that the above point may be my best option. However, when I sent them an email to clarify that this was something they offer, I was essentially abused, told that they don’t handle ‘stuff ups’ and goodbye… and this was from the Director himself who has a glowing reputation in the disability field online. • I was extremely upset by this unbelievably rude and unwarranted treatment and believe it is completely unacceptable to treat anyone like this, let alone a person who is obviously already vulnerable and suffering (who they are meant to be supporting) • I’m not sure if I have technically been discriminated against, but I feel they have essentially put up false advertising, refused to let me use their services and caused me stress and anxiety because of their conduct • Is there any from of legal action I could potentially take against them? Thank you for reading