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Im not sure whether a legal forum is the place to share this experience but here goes. First of all, ive migrated here in australia from overseas 3 years ago. As an asian, i feel that i have tried my best to adjust to the new environment and culture ive migrated in and call my second home. since i was multi skilled, not long after i moved here, ive done lots of jobs which gained me lots of experience and new skills.  Although I had a few difficult employers, I still felt I was trying to do a good job in fitting into the new environment.  My problem is, during my last job, which i thought would give me my career break, Ive met a colleague who was soo much into competition with me.  She apparently applied for the position I had and didn't get it (considering she was working there longer than me. I was the only asian who applied.) This colleague of mine has been constantly bullying me just to disrupt my work performance.  I have come to know that she would back stab me by saying gossip about me, my personal life and my past employment and employers even to the point when I tried to confront her but she denied of the gossiping.  To my dismay, I left the company.  Now only did i realize the impact of all the gossip she has done to distroy my reputation and career.  Everytime I apply for a job, i feel that my referees would not like to comment about me or my performance because of the gossip that they have heard which they thought that I've said.  I feel cheated, betrayed and discriminated.  How can i clear my reputation when someone has destroyed it and are in denial. How can i go back to the workforce and make sure that my reference are being cross checked? Is there a way for me to ask a prospective employer about the information they gathered doing a reference check?