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I bought this Volvo S60, yesterday 13/01/2016 at 9:15pm and the seller told me that it was working fine. I drove it around for a few minutes and it seemed fine. So I bought the car because I needed a car quickly for work because in my car the clutch broke and needed a replacement and the clutch would have to come either from queensland or from UK and the repair would cost me 900 AUD excluding the clutch. I travelled 40km to work and back, today - 14/01/2016 and on the way back - at around 4:40pm the engine started making noises. So I took it to the mechanic ASAP and he said that the turbo is broken and it's going to cost me 1300 AUD to replace, but I only have 90 dollars left on my account because I spent all the money on the Volvo but I still have to get back to work tomorrow. So I called the seller and told him exactly what happened and he told me that he was going to call me in 40 minutes. He didin't. He sent me a text message that he would call me shortly 50 minutes after I called him. He didn't call back again. So I drove to his house with my brother and we spoke to him and he said that I broke the turbo and I can't prove otherwise. He said that he won't refund the car, he said that he doesn't give a f** about the law after I told him that we are going to have to consider a lawyer but he agreed for court. I believe that before the seller was selling the car he must have known something about the mechanical problem and was hiding something from me. He also said that he lost his job, that's why he needs money and that's why he sold the car but today and yesterday he was coming back from work at 8pm (that's the two days in a row at the same time that I saw him) - that's what he told me through the phone so I think he is not an honest person.
So what am I supposed to do with this situation? I'm without money and without a working car.
Thank you