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Hi there, I am completely clueless on wills estates etc but more so when it is a resident. My grandfather died in western Australia and he was a resident and would fly back to south Africa every 6 months, all his kids reside here now. My aunt was left in charge but I know my grandfather had left us grandchildren a small portion as he told me when I was helping care for him. I do not speak with my mother and neither does my siblings but she got her share a long with my uncle and my aunt. I am the eldest grandchild then my sister and my aunt's kids are all younger than 14. I do not know if the will would have been lodged here or if it would have been south Africa .  Is an anyone able to point me in a direction of where I could start to try get a copy of the will as my aunt won't answer me. My mom recently got divorced and she has hidden money in an overseas acc in South Africa so I really have no idea where to start. Any kind of information on these things would be greatly appreciated.