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Hi there I'm needing advice without judgement as I know this isn't ideal.

I got involved with someone that had a lot of demons and was into drugs and alcohol and had a criminal record. I thought I could try save him in some sense.

The police showed up at my house where I live with my parents and family to state that he was found deceased and I was listed as next of kin. In a moment of shock and I didn't want my family to know I denied having know him, they checked my details saw ID and left.

He is estranged from his own family but surely the police would be able to look into his records to locate his mother ?? He was living at a homeless shelter with no ID. Somehow they managed to know his name. I'm wondering if the police did some digging they'd figure out I lied but would they come back to me for more questions? Or would they try to locate his parents ? Death was caused by overdose