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Greetings, My ex gf helped me get a vehicle worth ($16,500) . She applied for a loan worth close to 13k and the rest she let me borrow. I have been paying for the loan and now all I’m left is the amount that I owe to her which she lent me. So I reached out to her if we could settle it down for always, I could pay her off the remaining amount that I owe her and then she could transfer the ownership to my name but she seems to be hesitating to do so. The proofs I have are: -the record of transactions of me sending money to her account every week with description of ‘car payment for ownership’ - screenshot of the car advertisement on Facebook Marketplace with the amount listed - Third party insurance always under my name since the very beginning of buying this vehicle - Rego payment every 6 months from my bank card - records with insurance company about where the car is always parked which is my personal address - road side assistance payment and records for the car - car maintenance and service expenses all paid by me - when we first got the car it was registered under my name after we broke up, she needed assurance of me not missing out the payment and creating any fraud so I ended up transferring the ownership under her name with the purchase value mention on the rego transfer paper of just zero dollars. I didn’t happen to get her sign any papers mentioning she’ll transfer the ownership to my name when the payment is all settled. Will I be able to fight this through and win ? Please advise and if I could get a quote for your service that’d really be appreciated too. Regards, PAT