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Hi all... Long time no speak.

This query doesn't relate to me but rather my 86 year old grandmother. She has accrued 12 demerit points from camera infringements and is asking my advice.

Unfortunately for her, I have learned how to stay out of trouble and as such, I am no longer familiar with the traffic laws so I was wondering if someone here could help.

Is it better to take the "double or nothing" offer over the 3 month suspension? I remember that once you had served your three month suspension you would get all of your points back, but I believe this may have since changed... She is reluctant to take the double or nothing option as she has been told she needs to behave for 12 months or lose her license for 6.

How many points do you redeem after serving a 3 month demerit suspension? Which would be the better option?


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