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Hi, so I will try to keep things short but I am just after some advice and if need be do I have means to serve someone of defamation papers. 


2 days ago I was minding my own buisness at ny sons school and a young girl (a senior student) was trying to get her brother off to class so she could wag school and they were arguing for her to then yell "for fucks sake just go to class" 

I said to my 6year old son "woah how old is she" 

To which he responded "mummy she said an adult word" 

I said "yes and you know if you said that I would wash your mouth out with soap" (I would NEVER actually do that its just a saying that he knows its not acceptable) 

A lady was sitting to my right then piped up and said "yeah I'd do chilli fakes because that's what I got when I was a kid" 

I responded "yes if that was me when I was a kid I would have had a sore bum for a week" 

I left sent ny son off to school and that way the end of it, or so I thought. 

The next day at 3pm pick up the acting deputy principal singled me out in front of everyone and said " was there an issue with a student swearing" 

I replied "sorry as I was confused" 

He repeated and I responded "no not today that I'm aware of and iv been here since 2.30" , he said ok and walked back to the office. 

On my travels home I recalled the young girls swearing the morning before and I contacted to school immediately to try clear things up and ask why he spoke to me only to be told by the reception "yes he wanted to speak to you because you grabbed a child's arm and said if you swear again ill wash your fucking mouth out with soap" 

I laughed and said yohr kidding that is so far from the truth and explained what had happened. The school dismissed it and I thought ok. 

I spoke to the lady casually who I mentioned the chilli flakes and I asked her if in anyway did it seem like I was speaking to that child to which she responded no not at all you spoke to your son and I over heard and put my 2cents in and we had a chat and went on with our day. Only then for this lady to tell me once I left the school grounds a family friend of that chikd that was swearing went to the office with the child and filed a report against me. 

I asked one of the kids if his mummy was going to be at pick up that afternoon because if like to try clear things up with her. He said yes and that same girl then called me a liar and said i abused her. I calmly then said that's not what happened and if she would like to come to the office to clear this all up. She said no and walked off 

The lady who i had hust spoken with just minutes before had then offered to go into the principal and let them know her version on events and give a written statement which we both did. All was good again but I had expressed i would like to speak with the family friend (kayleen) to clear things up. 

I seen her at 3pm pick up and said " can  we have a chat" 

She agreed and walked over with a lady next to her. 

I stated "the next time you want to spread a false rumour could you chat with me about what you thought you heard first"  

Kayleen then denied everything to which I rold her vanessa (the lady who gave  statement) seen and witnessed everything. 

The the lady next to her started to raise her voice at me and said "that was ny daughter you abused" 

I responded also now aggravated this lie has unfolded into something so far from the truth "I did not abuse your daughter i didn't even speak to your daughter" in a firm voice

The lady responded while  still having her voice raised in front of everyone "yes you did and keep it down we are at a school" 

I responded "I don't care where we are i will not tolerate having a lies about me when i didn't even speak to your child i had a conversation with my son and vanessa" 

She then said ill go to the principal 

I responded please do I have alread spoken to them and they have written statements for myself and a witness so be my guest" 

They then walked off and i sat waiting for my son to finish school and for someone to come speak to me which did not happen but I am worried something will tomorrow morning. 

I just want to add the principal was well aware i wanted to smooth things over with kayleen and even agreed she thought it was a good idea as those are serious allegations. 

In no way was I rude or agressive to kayleen when I spoke to her, I may have been a little blunt but definitely not agressive or rude until the mother started to raise her voice at me.

I just want to know if things continue do I have legal grounds to advise the women of slander as none of this is true?And I dont want the school community to think otherwise or my sons schooling be effected by this false accusations? 


Kind regards