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I was after advice on how my family law property case may play out. I have a house that I bought 6 years before I met my ex. He is not on title or mortgage. He now wants half my house.Going to court in a couple of weeks.

Defacto from July 2013 to Feb 2015 (met in 2012, he says 2010 to Feb 2015). Child born Sept 2013.

History of FV, police put order in place. So I have 100% care and child on order. 

He has never paid mortgage (I have proof), child care or school fees and saw daughter 1 day a week before order. Always spent his money on cars and drugs and now lives in caravan. He’s been in and out of work. CS not paid consistently or right amt and only recently paid a CS debt off.

My lawyer says he’s entitled to money from me b/c of house equity.

What % spilt would he most likely get?

I’m hoping it will be thrown out as it’s been 5 yrs since we spilt and he is only doing this as revenge as I asked for extension of the order.

I’m worried my child and I will have no where to live as I’m on low income and can’t afford to rent or pay him out. 

I would be grateful for any thoughts.