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I am enquiring on behalf of a family member who is in dire need of legal advice. She owe's $800.00 to a friend whom is wanting the loan to be returned. The Loan has been acknowledged (in writing) a repayment schedule/ammount had been forwarded to the person to whom the money is owed to, but to her dismay said person disputes the ammount owed and has employed a Lawyer to collect such. The other person has threatened her with court action. As a low income earner/solomother, she is left in a situation wherby a court hearing will/may jeopardise her employment (time off), and extra costs by having to pay all fees i.e; her Lawyer, their lawyer, what's owed plus court costs. What can she do? She has all the relevent details as to what is actually owing but she feels, she cannot afford, (does not know whether she has a leg to stand on) to proceed with court action. If she does proceed she will have to apply for a Pro Bono Referral. Could you please give us what ever advice and support that you can. Dawn.