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I have Panthera Finance calling me to recover a debt they purchased from AGL that was in dispute.

I have told them that the debt was in dispute but they say "we contacted AGL and they tell us they credited you that amount" so there is no disputed debt now. They cannot provide me with any proof of this and the disputed amount was from an account in 2010 that they moved over to my 2013 account with them.

However they did not credit me the disputed amount nor did we come to any resolution over the debt.

I have contacted the energy Ombudsman and they say that because the debt is now with Panthera Finance and that the part of the debt in dispute was from 2010, there is not much they can do and have referred me back to AGL.

The Debt is $700, the disputed amount is approx $400, I know I owe them something but I dont want to pay them anything until they sort out the disputed amount.

Who should my Dispute be with now?
What Ombudsman will look after this?