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I bought an expensive diving watch ($1200) 13 months ago and it has somehow got water in and no longer works. The watch is waterproof to 200m and let water in when i was swimming. It has never been used for diving. Unfortunately the warranty has expired by 3 weeks. I read an article in Choice magazine a while ago regarding faulty goods whose warranty had expired and Australian Consumer Law. I seem to remember the gist of the article was essentially the consumer has some level of rights/protection after the warranty has expired i.e if a product with a 1 yr warranty is expected to last 20 years+ and dies after 1 yr 1month the consumer has some form of recourse. Is that correct? I have sent the watch back and they have mentioned they will look at it and then let me know. I'm guessing they will tell me to take a hike, at which point I'd like to mention something about ACL, but no idea if it's a)going to do any good b)what to say. Any help would be great.argo2014-01-09 18:35:49