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Question re child support.

For the last year or so I've paid child support roughly in accordance with the CSA calculator, although without any CSA involvement. I always paid a bit more than the calculator amount and my ex had no objections to the arrangements.

In late last year I was made redundant (not by choice but I did know it was coming and planned for it) and received a generous payout. Since then I set up my own business to do some consulting work. Ultimately I'd like to find full time employment again but at least some money is still coming in.

My ex has now decided she wants more money. So I'm wondering how the CSA would treat my business income.

The business has made good money this month and some last, but for the first 2 months no income was coming in. As its contract work., there's no way to predict income. At the moment I have no contracts but I expect one to come through in the next few weeks.

During this time I've continued to pay CS as per the amount I was previously earning (which is more than my business makes, so I figured there was no way I could be accused over over-paying).

But when my ex pushed for more, it made me wonder what I should actually be paying. Anyone have any ideas how they'd treat business income?