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I am an Australian and bought a leasehold property in New Zealand quite a few years ago. The mortgage was arrears because of the violently rise of the land rate. The New Zealand bank forced me to sell the property at a low price which could not cover the mortgage. The bank launched a summary judgment against me. There was a long story about the lawsuit. In brief, my lawyer neglected and the New Zealand judge was obviously unfair, even decline my application to appeal. In 2012 I was awarded a high amount debt from the New Zealand court, which is even more than my original loan amount 4 years ago. The bank could not register the case in Australia because I left there. My question are: a. Does the debt collection company have the right to collect the debt in behalf of the bank? b. Is there a Statute Limitation for the debt and how many years for it? c. Do I still have the chance to defend in Australia if the bank is able to register the case in Australia? d. Is there any time limit for the New Zealand bank to register the judgment in Australia, NSW?