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A male relative moved in with his aunty - this aunty is a single unemployed parent of three girls she took him in as he was homeless. 5 months later the aunt discovered the male relative having sex with her daughter and rang the NSW police. the police could do nothing as the girl was 16 - legal age of consent. The male relative was asked to leave, but he took the 16 year old with him,without the mothers consent. They fled to SA.

The aunt found out the 35 year old male relative was released from WA prison in Nov 11 for theft. he has a warrant out in two states - Possibly for theft. he has Bi-polar and Hep C. he has kids all around Aust that he doesn't see. Three of his kids were removed from his care for child abuse and still remain in foster care.

The 16 yr old was diagnosed with a learning disorder and assessesed with the intellect of someone 2 years below her current age ie 14 yrs old. The 35 year old has been grooming the girl for sometime and now fully controls her by removing her mobile phone and making her close her Facebook account. he does not leave her side or let anyone speak to her- she is very easily manipulated and eager to please due to her intellectual disability .

The mother rang the child abuse line in SA as the age of consent is 17 in SA. the girl was interviewed by police and admitted she was having sex with the 35 year old but when police asked if she would make a statement the 35 yr old stepped in and said the girl was lying - the girl then just sat there and twirled her hair waiting for the 35 yr old to rescue her- police said they could do nothing unless they were caught in the act or girl made a statement. Police interview the 35 yr old and told him 5 times that he had all the mannerisms of a paedofile - he just smiled at then. He has since exposed the young girl to alcohol & drugs to keep her compliant .
A week later another aunt who lives in SA caught them in the act and rang the police - again police said it was their word against hers and they could do nothing.
The mother rang the SA ombudsman to compliance and also legal aid for help - again no support .
The aunt in SA tried to apply for guardianship of the girl but the paperwork requires a doctors/psychologist assessment but the girls current psychologist won't fill in a report without seeing the girl first and the 35 year old won't let that happen he has invested too much time grooming her.
How can this continue to happen this girl has a disability and she in the hands of a sexual predator why can't anyone help at least get a restraining order on this paedofile - any suggestions anyone please!