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I am an Australian Expat living overseas since 2016, I believed that I had paid off all of my debt in Australia in 2017 including credit cards etc as I had stopped receiving any statements from the credit card company (I had been receiving regular statements). I have recently been contacted by a debt recovery agency in Australia that is now claiming that I had an outstanding balance on my credit card and demanding payment now (outstanding balance at the time of last payment in 2017 was approx ADU 2,500, now asking for approx AUD 4,500). The first contact I have had regarding this debt was around April this year and have been seeking advice since. I work in the tourism industry which has been greatly affected by covid times, Australia's borders were originally closed to Australians returning and commercial options had been very expensive including the cost of quarantine. I have waited the hard times out, but now have very little savings left, and still can not afford to return to Australia. Things have gotten better in the last month or so and now picking up some work (enough to live off). This however is not enough to make loan/debt repayments, or bank any savings and at this stage, I have no plas on returning to Australia. I am looking for advice on how to deal with this situation.