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Hello all

I don't know if you remember me but my ex took an avo against me, which i consider to be fake I was out of the county within 48 hours after it was made and should have fought it but didn't.

I have since had legal advice, as she has kicked me out of my house, on my one visit with the police to my home most of my electrical appliances that I worked hard for years for are already gone and she hid the kids from me.

My lawyer advised I should review form 1, form 4 and form 13 and see if I can understand them, as I'm not working his $550 an hour retainer is almost impossible now.

Can anyone give me an idea of how easy these forms are to lodge, the relevant legal system and if I'm wasting my time self repping? I've spoken to several friends who have been through family court and they all seem to think in the eyes of a magistrate I will get some access to my kids and be far better off but I'm struggling with this one.

Thanks in advance for any guidance, please search my post history if you need more information.