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Hi there,
My ex and I have agreed to a property settlement with no Lawyer intervention. She has advised me that advice she received from a Solicitor is that the fees charged to handle the drawing up and submitting of the Consent Orders for us will be $4K. Just wondering if that sounds about right please.

I note it's only $135 to DIY through the Family Law Court and only $725 through Aussie Legal..

Just wary of paying too much for a fairly straight forward process.

Also.... Is there anything stopping me putting in a clause into the Consent Orders stating something along the lines that, if my ex sells the house (that she will get in the settlement) within say 3 years of the Consent Orders being submitted, then she must pay me say 5-10% of the value of the home.. I've been told this cannot be put into an agreement. Wondering why that would be the case here?

Thanks for any advice received...Divorced Dad 082014-01-13 22:42:26