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Hi All,

I'm getting very sick of this settlement process, ex seems to want to drag it all out, wants to bring up a new item in every correspondence it seems, most of which have absolutely no relevance to the settlement. I'm certain it's part of her solicitors tactic, just keep carrying on with rubbish so I'll just throw my hands up and sign for less than what i should. My question is, I'm contemplating filing court proceedings, just so all of this can have a definite end date. Any idea on what sort of costs I'd be looking at. My solicitor said to get the affidavit signed and served etc I'd be looking around $1500. What is the process from there generally. Would my ex be up for the same amount to respond? I know she doesn't want to go to court (and ideally neither do I), but I don't see this coming to an end any other way, I'm not accepting 50% when I have full custody of the children. Maybe in court she will get pulled up for all her blatant lies - she keeps stating incorrect values, and where funds where directed to, purely to try and reduce what she took from the separation, to increase her entitlement now. I knew all along she could be manipulative, but I'm just seeing now to what extent. She keeps saying whatever she wants, and I keep providing documentary evidence to prove her wrong, but in the end this isn't going anywhere.