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Good afternoon all

I am seeking some initial advise on the above visa Subclass 173
I am an Australian Citizen, My Father is a UK Citizen and is 75 years of age.
He lives on his own and is not in great health to say the least.Over the past 3 years i
have been asking him to come and live in Australia so i can take care of him.
Over the last year he has been pretty much house bound, not eating well and bathing
only when someone can help him.
Over the last few weeks he has been in hospital and he sound like a new man
getting 3 meals a day - washed and looked after, I have told him now he needs someone
to look after him and he seems to agree.

I have done some reading on the Aust Immigration website, i would like to know is it possible for him to obtain a Subclass visa 600 in order for me to bring him back to Australia and then to apply in Australia for a Visa Subclass 173.
From what i have noted is that a Subclass Visa 600 usually does not have any "No further Stay Conditions " Attached. So would i be correct in assuming that he could then apply for the Subclass 173 which states it can be applied for in Australia.

Because of his bad health and lack of care i am seeking the quickest way possible to get
him here with me - Visa cost are not a concern.

Thank you in Advance for any replies