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A bit of background.   

We had some conflicting advise given to ex and I surrounding the use of a contact centre in our orders.

I was advised centre could be used. Ex barrister advised judge that it was not possible. Ended up with wording:

"if centre could be used, pick up and drop off at centre, if not, mothers residence".

Received written confirmation that centre is able to accommodate & start date.

During my intake with centre, I was advised that they could pull visits at any time:

1. Health and wellbeing of child
2. Nature of collecting parents
3. etc.

And advised by CC staff that if they pull the visit then I would not be in breach of orders. I guess my question relates to say public holidays, CC staff being sick and unavailable on scheduled visits. Could it be interpreted that even though the contact centre is now involved, then I will still need to have a back up in case they cannot service that visit??

Also, what happens if he is being an "idiot", and the contact centre then withdraw their service? Already they are trained in these "idiots", but they are already advising me they are having difficulties.