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Hi everyone
I filled in the long form for consent orders, but have few questions:
1. Part I - Effect of property orders sought
Which figures do I put in there? What each party willl end up with?
Say if I have $50,000 in the bank and she has $10,000, do I put $30,000 and $30,000 if that is what we've agreed upon? Or, if I only GIVE 20,000 to her(respondent) I put NIL for myself and 20,000 for the respondent? The words "will receive" are confusing, as I receive nothing from the respondent. Does this section just means what each party will be left with?

2. There are some sample supplement documents (like a letter of some sort). Have no idea what to write in there and if it is needed. Apart from the main form, what other documents do I need and can someone help me with those supplement papers?

I booked time with a community family lawyer, but it is not for another 2 weeks... And my wife refuses to sign the divorce papers until consent orders are filed.

Thank you