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Some background. Last year my friend's mother (85yo) had a fall at her home. Her husband (90yo) left her on the ground for at least two days before finally calling for help. He claims it was only for two hours but the ambulance workers reported signs that indicated it was at least two days and he also told them she had not eaten or drunk anything for two days. This was during the first covid lockdown, so no one was physically checking on them. There is a history of him being not quite normal toward his family but no one thought it could be this serious. While she was recovering at hospital, my friend's mother said she wanted to go home and the plan was for her to go into respite care to complete her recovery while setting up home care and trying to remove her husband or at least have her protected from him. Her grandson brought in a lawyer and had her sign a power of attorney, cancelled everyone else's power of attorney and put her into a home without talking to the rest of the family (everyone is basically estranged). He told everyone to stay out of it and it was his responsibility. He asked my friend to call the police some weeks later because the husband was harassing the aged care home, apparently this required an immediate family member to make the call. There are currently two AVO's, one for the home and one for the grandson. So a year later and the grandson has announced that centrelink only gave her a year exemption from the asset test and will no longer being paying for the home. He has said he is going to drop her on my friend's doorstep. There are reasons why she can't live with my friend. In the interim, her husband suffered health issues that had him hospitalised for a while and is staying with other family, nobody knows where or for how long or his actual condition. So my questions are. Can the grandson just drop his grandmother off on his mothers doorstep when she can't stay there? If he does, what are the issues around putting her back in her own house and doing what should have been done a year ago? The centrelink site says there is a two year asset exemption when going into aged care, is there a reason she only had a one year exemption?