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One of the commonly experienced accidents in the workplace is the slip, trip, and fall accident. Though it might seem minor, it has caused many workers to miss work for days, months, and even years. A research conducted by a government agency in charge of health and safety shows that workplace slip, trip, and fall is responsible for 17% of the work-related injuries that lead to maiming.

Asides maiming, there are also other adverse effects commonly experienced by workers after this kind of accident. They are;

· Reduced wages or wage termination

· Permanent or temporary disabilities

· Chronic pain

· Depression and anxiety

· Loss of job

However, if you’re a victim of a slip, trip and fall accident, you are entitled to a compensation benefit if you are not the cause of the fall.

Accidents in The Workplace

You can help prevent yourself and coworkers from being victims of workplace accidents by paying careful attention to common causes of workplace accidents. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid in order not to be a victim of negligence.

· Spilling wet products such as oil, grease, etc. on smooth and slippery ground. These can cause a fall when anyone slips on them.

· Crossing cables, wires, and ropes across walkways

· Leaving desk drawers and file cabinets open

· Bad weather, poor lighting, or anything that hinders adequate visuals

· Leaving heavy implements on walkways

Know Your Workers' Compensation Rights

Falling in the workplace can result indifferent kinds of injuries such as bruises, wounds, bone fractures, lacerations, severe abrasions, strains, sprains, etc. Sustaining any of these injuries can lead to a long- or short-term absence from work.

As a victim of work-related accidents, absence from work can result in significant financial loss if you’re not well informed about your workers’ injury rights. However, you can get all the information you need concerning your rights by hiring the service of one of the top workers comp attorneys in Lancaster, PA.

Policy for The Workers' Protection

Depending on the incident, you have the right to file for two claims for a slip, trip, and fall injury sustained in the workplace. It is only applicable, however, if you are not at fault.

Workers’ compensation might include medical expenses, reduced wages, financial bonuses, etc. It would be better to hire the services of one of the top workers compensation attorneys in Lancaster PA, to aid you in filing your claims.

Premises Liability Compensation

If your employer could have taken proactive steps to prevent an accident from occurring, then you can also file for a premise liability compensation if the accident happens. Your eligibility for a workers' compensation doesn't hinder you from getting a premises liability bonus so long as your boss or employer does not own the premises where you fell.

The most assuring way to secure all your compensation is to hire the services of lawyers with vast experience handling workers’ compensation. Make sure you contact the best workers compensation lawyers in Lancaster, PA.