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Dear Sir/Madam,


I would be very gratful if anyone can please help me on the following.

Followering an altercation with my neighbour in the car park I was charged with a assault known as 

T2 Common assault.

No previous crimal history in life with police in Sydney or abroad.

Clean record.

Given 18months CCO with conviction.

Advised to take the matter to District court on serverity appeal!

Are there any examples of case law where appeals have been made to District court for common assault and the appeal has had the conviction removed.

The magistrate said during his reading of sentence to me it was racially aggravted! I am so digusted to hear that as I am of Indian UK back ground and have never in my life considered myself racist in life to towards any people.

Any help on appeals process I would be most gratful.

I want to see Case law and examples of assaults where a first time offennder may have defended his right to appeal during the 28 day window to make a ppeal in court for a new hearing.

Also to note I had a phyicological report prepared and according to my lawyer very good character references.

And was being treated for Anger Management.

I apprecaite any assitstance on this matter.