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4 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
After 27 yrs my husband wanted to give me 30% based on the probability that I am due to inherit, although this relative is still alive and well.

A mediator and a lawyer told us that the court would not consent to signing off on such an unequal split as the inheritance is not a 'fact' yet.

I have agreed to 40%, just to get out of this nightmare and preserve my mental health. I'm doing this because of this wretched inheritance thing and because I can't stand the pressure from family and ex.

But would the court sign off on a 40% split after 27 yrs? The only reason for this is the inheritance, and that is the only reason I could give in the paperwork.

My lawyer is pushing me to hold out but I've had enough. Preserving some family connection is important to me.