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I work in an organisation that deals with clients and case workers. Every week at work , i am being asked by clients where do i live when it has nothing to do with the work i am doing. Most of these questions are from male clients, and they ask this question when i am alone in the office.   Staff also keep asking this question, they need to know where i live, where i park my car, what my nationality is , i have to keep repeating the same answer every few days in the office and it has been happening for the last 5 years. I have documented these instances. When i ask other staff members who i am friends with if they get this treatment, they say no and they find it weird that i am the only one in the office that is being consistently asked this question. I am asked this question either by the same person on a monthly basis, or by different male clients on a weekly basis. It seems like it is in a rotation of a client asking, then a caseworker asking.   

Would you consider this a form of harassment from other staff and clients ? When where i live and where i choose to park my car and what my nationality is has nothing to do with the job i am paid to do. ?