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Ok well this is the first time Ive registered/ or used a forum so pls forgive my ignorance.

My son (almost 3) has been very sick for the last 2 weeks to the point of hospital visits through the night I lost my brand new job as I needed the time off to look after him. My husband (ex) rang on thru the week and asked to have over the weekend. We do not have a structured access arangement but I have always maintained that anytime that he wanted to see our son all he had to do was ask. Seeing as we do not live all that far away from each other he might take advantage of this but it is a fight to get him to take him for an "everyother w.end arrangement."

 So on receiving the request I was hesitant to send him with his health not great and that we had been working on the recovery with structured routines to help him get well etc. and that closer to the w.end I would make a decission with our sons best interests at heart. All going well on Thursday I called and said the visit would be fine as he was recovering but he had to be careful and follow the instructions, medications etc. To the point of a detailed list of the medications amounts, times, results, read by him ( I even asked if there was anything on it that he didnt understand ) before they left my house friday.

After picking my son up tonight I have discovered that he failed to give him the medications over the w.end and did not follow any of the instructions given for our sons illness. I called and asked for an explaination on this and he said oh I didnt think he needed them.

At the moment I am not sure on what this has done to his recovery but there have been minor insidents before but this..I am completely dumbstruck that he thinks that this course of action is acceptable and have had enough of this kind of behavour from him, but is it enough to warrent having visitation either cancelled or monitored. I just dont know what to do....

Help me