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My ex was able to better his career due to me looking after the kids.  He would come home very late and would travel. Where I lost my career.  Someone had to be home.

Now we are separated and he has moved in with a new woman and they have purchased a house worth 1.2Millon.

(And yet supposedly we didn't have any money in the split)

Meanwhile, I am living close to the poverty line paying rent in a unit that is falling apart.

I am supporting my 18 yo on top of this as the father will have nothing to do with him because he is Bisexual.

My son is not working and has a serious health condition and is very depressed.

My ex has decided to not work and is pretending to run a racing business online. He has gone from earning $150k per year to $0  His excuse is Covid.  (But he has done this several times before Covid)

Therefore he is declaring no income.

I have a small income and now I have to pay him $60 per week.  I am now struggling to pay our daily expenses My mum had given me some money towards a small deposit for a cheap unit, but now due to me having to pay child support I cannot get a loan. I am barely covering our expenses. ( I have no idea how I am going to pay him)

My question is - how is he earning no income and paying his mortgage, food, bills etc on a $1.25M house (and I know it has a big mortgage)

How is having trips to Europe, buying toys for his house, renovating etc when he has no money.

The only alternative to this situation is for me to earn no money. But then we would be on the street

Is there anything I can do?  Has anyone got any ideas?

Child support are not helpful. Their argument is that they will take the money out of my wages.  But I am a contractor and I don't have wages. I bill them.

I suffer a disability and have to walk with a cane, I am in constant pain and fatigue and yet I still manage to work 4days a week and volunteer to coach my childs sport team. Yet he can't do anything.

Any ideas would be great.  

I don't want to be a victim and I don't want to be angry about the injustice.