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i have been divorced for 8 years..I have 3 children who i care for and i recieve maintenance from their dad. The problem is he has formed a company which restructured the amount of taxable income that he needs to declare. He declares the minimal amount and i get minimal payment each week when i know he is earning a higher amount of wages each week.I have evidence of the amount he earns and has been earning ovre the past 7-8 years and im not sure wether i have any rights to have this investigated as i am really struggling to pay for everything for the kids.During this period of time he has managed to pay off a home with his new partner. They have now seperated and he has recieved a payout for the house of $180,000 which i also have receipts. He still continues to pay the very minimum child support and even after having this reassessed through CSA..they just go on his taxable income that he declares. Please help me know where i stand in regards to this situation.

Thank you