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Hi, I have a question around getting the amount I pay re-assessed based on special circumstance #7, which is that 'necessary expenses reduce ability to support the child'.

I have 50/50 custody of two children 15 & 10. My living expenses are high due to a fairly large amount of debt (personal loan and credit card.) I work full time and earn $60k a year which is $5k more than my ex. The resulting CSA assessment of $140 per month that I have to pay is more than I have left at the end of each month. I pay for half of all the kids costs, I don't have any commitments other than repaying my existing debts and standard utilities (power,phone,gas etc)... I don't even own a car.... but with rent being almost half of my income, I have next to nothing left after the basics have been taken care of. I have no savings, no assets other than household contents.

Does anyone know if this is would be considered by CSA? I know if I lodge a request I will need to provide evidence which will then be provided to my ex, and I'd rather not have to share this personal information with him if there's no chance CSA will take it into account.

Thanks for reading, any advice would be appreciated.