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OK Let's kick this forum off with some tricky questions!

I've been separated from my wife for two and a half months and we're thinking of getting back together - so far so good. The only complication is that two weeks after we separated she became pregnant with another guy who she has since broken up with. She wants to have the baby and I support her decision, but we're not sure about the legal implications.

The father acknowledges the child is his but says he doesn't really want to be an active father (this is his position to date) and he is no doubt worried about the financial support implications of the situation. We live in Sydney and my wife would like to return to work with childcare around 3 months after the birth. So with that background:

1. What are that father's responsibilities in this situation - and his rights? 
2. How would support payments be calculated if my wife decides she wants financial support? Does this start only when the baby is born or can financial support be ordered now (eg for hospital costs if it comes to that, which we hope it won’t) 
3. If my wife and I get back together does that complicate things?!

As I said, tricky questions! I/we are happy to see a lawyer but would also like advice on any websites we should visit or books we should read. Thanks for your help.