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Hi, I am just wondering what rights CSA have in this situation:

My husband has been paying child support for years....never missed a payment. His ex wife has ripped through his business about 3 times where CSA have calculated his income based on figures of money that he didn't have.

Anyway, the last 3 years have been peaceful. No dramas. He has 6 months till child support is officially finished. Last week, CSA called him and said, we have accidentally charged you the incorrect amount of child support for a period of almost 3 years so you will receive a bill next week (which we got today) for $17,800.

My argument is that my husband has been paying every single bill on time, his ex wife has not questioned the payments, every month the bill states that he in not in arrears.   Do they have any right to demand a payback for almost 3 years due to their error when the receiving parent didn't even question it??