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ex lost his job, was paid out 3 months and is collecting unemployment from the govt. Because of this is also collecting a significant amount of CS from me due to the now difference in our gross pay. I work full time. Ex is a builder. Bought a brand new vehicle that is now fitted our with racking etc to do with his industry. Ex is working and taking in cash so this can't be proven as far as CS is concerned. Applies for jobs that tick the box to keep the government payment and in essence CS payments. Basically at what point would CS consider ex has had enough time to find a job and also how likely would CS look into what jobs ex has applied for and if the applications he makes are actually reasonable attempts  or just the bare minimum so it keeps ticking the boxes? Been through countless change of assessments as ex always lies about income etc and every time he has been considered to earn more or the claims he makes are not relevant and unfair to me. In essence can he remain unemployed forever now and just keep on collecting payments or does there come a time when he is considered to have had enough time and opportunity to become employed. He has a tafe qualification and has worked in his industry for 20 years now.