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My ex-husband and I seperated 8 years ago, our son is now 9 years old.  Through the divorce proceedings, 7 years ago,  terms of visitation were agreed upon.  That being he had access every 2nd weekend, half of school holidays and half of any special occasion day ie. Christmas, Birthdays etc.  He has never had access during school holidays, by his own choice, but has had alternate weekend access for most of this time.  He is now remarried and has a step-child also.  For the past year or so my son has been reluctant to spend time at his Fathers house, citing many reasons, and I have encouraged him to go there anyway, sometimes against his will.  For the past two months my son has been completely refusing to go there, he has been very emotionally upset, sometimes becoming very angry, and after the 2 last times he has spent there he has had nightmares and was very 'clingy' for days after.  My son has told me many reasons for not wanting to go, some of them relate to the treatment he receives from his Father, but most of them relate to the treatment he receives from his step-mother and her child.  I wondered where I stand in relation to this and what my legal responsibilities are? I also wondered if my son can be 'forced' to go on the weekends if he is refusing?