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my daughters hubby has just left, leaving her with a 4 month old babym he said that he did not want to be married any more.

Any way to get to the point, his mother is very intimerdating to my daughter she rings up and says I want to see my grandson, this week end at such a place and she expects my daughter to come running.

the hubby has  a new girlfriend he had her before he walked away from the marrage, now his mum is saying that she wants the baby every other weekend and the loan that hubby and daughter had, he got another loan to pay it out, my daughter has to pay 30 a week towards it.

she is only on the centre link, and her rent is $200 a week, he has not paid any child support as yet.

His mum is pushing him to do this and do that,

what rights does this woman have .

Thank you for any advice