by shedevil666  27/05/2005  1669 Page Views
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my son is going to be charged with grievious/with intent/bodily harm on his daughter whom he absolutely adores. The police have not finished their inquiries re babysitters and her behaviour in their care. As i am to believe there is conflicting evidence between doctors/welfare/and police department. Can he be charged with the evidence of a 6yr old/only....when it has been proven in court and documents that her stories are inconsistent???...doctors have proven her bruises are from she has been interferred with by family member on mothers side...son never raised her...she was dumped on his doorstep at midnight and told that the mother could not control her he has to take her or she would put her in a home...son took daughter to doctor for help...hence...charges are being on him...but it doesn't make sense...can you or anyone help with some advice. My son tried to get help for his daughter/but it back-fired onto this victimisation/harassment/or someone to blame. Thanks so much....I have been as discreet as possible as child is a have a wonderful service....shedevil666.