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1 Comments  Criminal law, traffic matters, DUI, assault, theft, fraud
Hi i've been charged with "Knowingly produce false/misleading document, state law" because I applied for a drivers licence and changed my birth certificate so that it didn't show my previous surname. I did this because I had massive fines which prevented me getting a licence and I, at that time, did not know that there were options to reply the fines.

I have since been making fortnightly payments on a payment plan and paid off a significant amount. I have also gotten my drivers licence back (which I desperately don't want to lose again as I now live in the country).

I chose to pay the fines off rather than do community service or the other non payment option so hope that that may help. I have had major depression and other serious mental illness issues which contributed to this but am getting back on my feet now.

Legal Aid, even tho I'm on Centrelink, refused to represent me as there is little chance I will go to jail. However the penalty is up to two years in jail. Does anyone have any idea what sentence I am likely to receive? I am going to plead guilty. I have also been fined $1200 for this. Thanks