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my partner decided he did not want to be in a relationship any longer and locked myself and 2 small kids out of the house we are purchasing. I moved in with my mum. Partner changed all the locks and now has a solicitor. I wondered if i can change joint tenants to tenants in common and then sell the house. I am wondering if the bank can stop this or how much they will charge? I rang land department nsw and one person said no problem to fill out the form and pay the money to change the title and another person i rang said the bank had to do it. Do you have any answer. I thought if i changed to tenants in common i could get an order to sell the house because I have no access any longer. Partner who lives there now has flat mates helping to pay his share of the mortgage. Question is .... can I change the title and can the bank stop me? and will it be any advantage?