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I am currently empolyed by a gym as Administration Manager. I have worked for the same gym for almost 11 years and my job has basically evolved to the current positon. I have never received a letter of employment and have had my own office and computer for the last 5 years.

My original hours were 6am to 2pm and approx last October 2004 I negotiated to work a 4 day week, (Mon to Thur)from 6am to 4pm, The first 3 hours being at reception until the other staff come in at 9am.

The reason for this was that my job involves accounts, MYOB, plus pa for my employer who often does not come into work until 11am or later. As the work I do involves communication with him, by changing my hours I am able to do what ever it is that he requires on that day.

Last Monday my employer asked me to take over the payroll and do it through MYOB. I am self taught with the accounting side of MYOB(being doing it for 3 yrs)and will have to teach myself Payroll as no training has been offered.   

Last thursday (same week) I was told that along with two other managerial staff, due to the fact that he wants to cut the wages because the sales are down and get rid of his part time staff that are employed to run reception after normal trading hours, that between three of us we have to run reception. We are open from 6am to 10 pm, 16 hour days - 80 hour week between the three of us = 26 hours out of the 40 hr week at reception. The other optiion is a pay cut.

Last June he took away the bonus system that the Operations Manager and myself used to get if the gym made money for the month. He continues however to pay his General/Sales Manager a generous salary and bonus even though through his mangement the sales have dropped by halve and he actually works full time at another gym. When I asked as to why that was the case when he is trying to cut the wages down, he could not give me a reason.          ;    

Any sales manager who has produced such poor results would have been sacked long ago.

We will of course be expected to preform our other duties of which 85% of mine need to be done in my office and not with constant interruptions at reception.

I feel that if he insists,I am being harrassed into working longer hours without any payment, have to change the days I work and that I cannot preform the duties I normally do within my normal working hours. I also feel that answering the phones and checking member's cards on entry to the gym for the better part of my working week is a demotion.        &nb sp;         &nb sp;

Could you please advise me as to my position?

Many thanks

Jen Jen