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Hey there,

My ex handed me an envelope of documents as I was running out the door last Friday and I didn't open them until this morning (cleaner had moved them and just found them after being away for the long weekend). Inside was an acknowledgement of service form (filled out by him and to be signed/returned by me), his affidavit and an application for change of court orders for a hearing this Thursday. Uh....I have no idea what to do?

He's asking for a change in parenting orders down to 2 weeks per year as he's moving interstate in a fortnight. One of these weeks is to be every second Xmas which I'm devastated about as our children have always seen both parents on this day and I don't have any family here with which to spend the day. There's a few other things like 15 minutes per week "virtual parenting" by him and me having to supply him with all the details of where our children are every day and with whom they are with (seriously?). Also, he's requesting I deliver the children to Melbourne airport (they live in Perth) and no mention of cost. Our eldest is 13 and very low functioning (who can't travel without a carer) and I'm not jazzed about our 10 year old flying across country alone.

Given I only have 2 days to the trial I don't have any time to lodge a response. Can I just stand up and say I what orders I would like (such as 4 weeks per year, phone calls by each parent not restricted to 1 x 15 minute call, ex to pick the children up from Perth at his cost). Do I type these and hand them over? Given that I wasn't served properly do I even have to turn up?

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