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Hi all, I have this question on Whirlpool forums and I have noticed that this site may be also helpful so here is my question, my 82 year old invalid mother recieved a call out of the blue from the Unearned income investigation team at Centrelink today stating that she has been overpaid $75000 since 2001 for her old age pension. She was appointed as my fathers paid carer through The civil tribunal due to his needs to be paid by comcare after a workplace accident in 1987 and performed the paid duties from 2001 till his passing in 2017. During that time she was earning approx $800 per month in 2001 and increased to $1300 by 2017 whilst earning a full pension. Has anyone experienced something similar to her situation that could guide me in the right direction or give me any advice as she is in absolute shock and disarray ?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Chris