by Amy  07/08/2020  0 Page Views
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Hi all. 
I just need some help. 
I hwve already spoken to 2 different people about this matter 

I worked from jan-May and I didn't report any of my income 

ive had a lot of health issue and have been on a lot of pain meds 

then covid hit and home schooling and I just had it in my head that I needed to reach a certain threshold before I start reporting 

once I realised I was wrong I called Centrelink but due to the debt pause they aren't able to help me work out what I owe. 

rhe debt will be small probably about 2200k and they have told me that because I've done the right thing and told them I can call back in October and they will sort it for me. They said they won't prosecute me on a human error with everything going on in my life. 

Should I still feel stressed or believe the compliance officers ?