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At the moment i am feeling so scared, over the weekend i got summons to go to court over a debt with centrelink, to give you a bit of background info i was on single parent payment and reported my earnings every fortnight, while working at one job i wasnt given payslips so it was really hard to work out especially if i was having sick days, over time etc, another job was full time and i had been given the wrong info and had reported to centerlink my net income instead of gross for a few months, then my other job i didnt receive all my payslips and usually get alot of payslips at once, because my life was really full on with raising the kids and working full time i made a huge mistake and never double checked the pay slips i received, all this happened between 2005 - 2008, I found out about the mistakes i had made at the end of last year and soon as i knew about the debt i started a payment plan straight away. The total of the debt is $14 000. I always did my tax returns and thought that the ato and centrelink did a data match to make sure everything was correct. It wasnt consistant the under estimation of my income there was some over estimation etc. after the debt had been worked out a centrelink employee contacted me and asked for me to go in for a interview to work out what had gone wrong and to sort out the situation, informed me just to bring a friend or relatived if i wanted to and not to worry about seeking legal advise. I went for the interview and she informed me not to worry it was normal process but she was going to read me my rights and that was normal and it was just to sort out the problem. As far as i knew i was only there with a centerlink worker to find out what went wrong then she told me she was a fraud investigator, i feel like i was under false pretences at that interview, it felt like a trap to get me to admit to something i didnt do on purpose. She showed me a table of all the estimates etc and basically that was it. She also informed me i would get a transcript within 7 days of the interview which i never received and when i asked for it she refused it to me, she also refused me having a copy of the table she had done up with all the reportings of my income etc. I told her i didnt receive my payslips for one job and it was a honest mistake. I am seeing a solicitor next tuesday about this but i am so scared, i dont want to go to jail and miss out on seeing my kids. Can anyone please give me advise on this, i have never been in trouble with the law before and i am feeling so sick just thinking about it.