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Hi, i just want to ask a question. I have deliberately under declared my income for a period of 5 months resulting in an estimate of $10298 debt if including the covid supplements if not then it’s around $4500 in parenting payment partnered. It’s a long story with circumstances but I am now a single mother I am working part time studying at uni at off of income support and only reviewing ftb&a have correctly updated my income estimate which will be around $51k i have 100% care of my children. no debt has been found yet but am expecting it after tax return i am also in a part 9 debt agreement and have never been in trouble with the law and have a mental illness just wondering what will happen will this be referred to the DPP and will i be facing charges and/or jail time or will they just ask me to pay it back which i am happy to do at $100 a fortnight any advice will help and be appreciated