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hi my  name  is miodrag recently i was  appointed by centerlink to register with job state wide, in Leichardt. I did  and  i fill out a registration form and  i put all relevant info , i sign and  normaly i ask for a copy of that  document  for my file .

Job statewide staff denied a copy for my self of that document, and give me many explanations why they can not do that.

1. it is in our policy not to give our clients a copy of the registered form.

2. then I ask ok show me where is written that in your policy? they say no we can not give you that too.  

3.  they say it is an intellectual property document.

4 the latest one was that the document is a kind of controlled version document because they are government subcontractors to Centrelink, so they need to go to the process of some improvement comity panel for approval in order to protect my privacy.

My question to the forum is. Do I have a legal right to have a copy of the registration document?

why they make such a  headache for a simple action such as a copy of the registration document which is evidence that I'm registered with a job statewide for the purpose to help me find a job and by my signature, I sign that I agree to the rules. what is the real problem they denying me a copy of that document?