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Long story short end of last year I bought my dream car, the day after I did this I went and got my learners permit finally (23yo)

I paid to put my car in storage, and it sits there ever since as I do not have a garage at my apartment

I occasionally go over to check it, wipe dust clean it etc but never drive it alone there is security cameras everywhere.

I've driven it with friends who hold licence for 4y and L plates displayed as per law every weekend.

On the 21st I was meant to drive supervised 400km out of Perth, the night before (20th) at 10pm I did the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life...

I decided to fill the tank with petrol and have the car loaded ready for the mornings trip to cut on holiday traffic.

And I got pulled over...

The police man told me to park it and have someone pick me up and drove off.

I was 9km from home so I locked the car and walked home it was basically midnight and I didn't feel it being fair to wake someone up for my own stupidity, in the morning I had a friend pick it up for me that lived near by and I paid his taxi fares.

Over the Xmas break I logged 28hrs ready for my driving test (I need 25hrs to book the driving test and after the driving test another 25hrs logged over 6months.

Today I received the expected court papers.

What I've explained so far is what I plan on telling the judge, I really just want to get my licence already I ride 100km a week on my push bike getting to/from work driving would be nice when it rains or is nasty.

I've cycled rain/hail/shine for 2 years now, meanwhile saving for my dream car.

It was stupid, I can't stop thinking about it since. Basically ruined my own holiday because I can't stop thinking what could have happened (if I hit someone or they hit me...)

Having nightmares now, it's a horrible lingering feeling I just want it over and done with.

I have full comp insurance which is $$ but that's only valid with a supervisor obviously.

I hope the judge understands I genuinely regret doing what I did and I just want to get on with the learning.

Is it wise to take my logbook and show the judge my hours since?

I've never been in trouble with the police before, I don't drink/smoke etc I wasn't speeding either it was just a random check.

Such a moron.

Rego/insurance/stamp duty all have been paid.

Oh and the car is back in storage again, I don't have the keys either... learnt my lesson so far.

Sorry for the type up, don't know what to expect... 20 days till court and I can't sleep and my job performance has been affected but I haven't told anyone what's going on.

1, can I move the court date forward? It's 20 days away I don't think I can deal with this stress and anxiety this far it's affecting my work performance and I've already had plenty of holiday time

I usually suck it up but this time I screwed and it's not like a bad dream I can wake up to yet it feels like one...

I've never been in trouble before or even thought about doing anything wrong.

2, Charges against me are Not displaying Ls, driving unsupervised.

My learners isn't suspended as of yet, since the incident I have legitimately clocked 1675 hrs meaning I can go for my drivers test.

If I get suspended for 3 months at least I have my hours ready for the test which takes 2-4 months to book anyway.

Do I get to keep my hours so far? I seriously hope I don't go back to zero.

3, can I put all this in writing and give it to the judge instead of attending? Reason being I can't deal with so many people and the public speaking/cross examination etc are all freaking me out I won't be able to clearly think or articulate myself and secondly its a work day.

Any thoughts please, I'm in WA to be clear and 23yo totally clean record.

I haven't been issued any fines or anything, just to appear in court.

I do not understand the court system or anything like this I don't know what to do.

It was a stupid out of character thing for me to do I just wanted everything to be perfect and have the car fueled up and loaded ready to leave supervised on a 400km journey the following morning.