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Hi, I recently got a car park fine at Barkley Square shopping centre in Brunswick, Vic. At Barkley Square the car parks are operated by Australian National Car Parks, which administer the car park in which you are required to get a ticket.

I can honestly say that I was unaware that you were required to get a ticket and I know that ANCP will not accept this as a excuse. However a recent article in The Age said that ANCP had not sought planning permission for the signs which say that you must get a ticket. I rang the Moreland city council and they were of no help whatsoever. I also rand Consumer affairs victoria and like moreland city council they were no help. I was asking both operators that if they dont have planning permission for they signs than that was illegal therefore they shouldnt be up, hence there were no terms which set out the contract once you enter the car park.

Anyway I wanted to ask, if I was to pay the fine and later down the track it was found out that ANCP signs were illegal and they should be removed, will I be able to get my money back that I paid for the fine?