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I was involved in an accident last month, completely not at fault.

I lodged a claim with my insurance company and I've just received a call from the assessor who said the vehicle would be written off due to the extent of the damage and rails? were damaged which would make the car unsafe to repair.

During the call, the assessor realised I had insured the car for an agreed value, not market value. The car is worth $5K on the market (pre-crash) and I insured it for $8K. He said he'd have to call me back.

He called me back and said he has reassessed the claim and determined that the car is repairable. He says the repairer agrees that it can be done.

I didn't know what to say and he hung up quickly. But he said it was unsafe to repair...

Can I insist on an independent assessment? Do I have any other recourse? :(